Mother Board & PCB Repair


MKB Electronics Service Center are leading to a service center of TV for all brands. Yes, all brands of television can be repaired here; this place can be the single solution for all problems related to television. As technology is high and demand for products are also high and this scenario there are very less places are available in the market that provides Mother Board & Pcb Repair service along with the tv repair service for all brands and all size.
Why we are here?
We have surveyed the industry with our skilled and trained engineers and found that in the tv industry there are many companies which are manufacturing to the tv and selling out in the market. But we haven’t seen any single place in the market side which is supposing for the best and quality tv repairing service.
What did we observe?
Some are available in the market but they are providing service only for the selected brands. Some of them are providing service but they are charging so much. The affordable cost is also one of the basic reasons that some common people would not like to visit on service centers.
After seeking all these decided to give relaxation to the people with this complex kind of problem and came out in the market. And from the last 100 years till now we are serving the people with the same passion and same dignity. It has become the record that no one available in the market that provides tv repair service for all brands along with the Mother Board & Pcb Repair service.
As we are serving the people with last 10 years of rich experience, it means not that our service is costly, we are available for all of you every class of people can visit us easily.