Know More MKB Electronics Service.

We possess 10 years of experience in TV Repairs and LED/ LCD Repairs in Bangalore.
MKB Electronics Center is has a skilled Team which can repairs all Brands like LG , Samsung, Panasonic, Sony , Lloyd , Phillips, Croma, MI, One Plus, VU and all others in their highly advanced technical workshop at Bangalore, Karnataka .
MKB Electronics Center is one stop solution for all kinds of Technical repairs of all Branded and Non Branded LED LCD OLED QLED UHD 4K TV’s at a economical /low cost repairs.
⮚ All facilities and workshop of TV Repair Factory is designed and formed to provide speedy TV repair solutions to our customers and dealers and TV manufacturer.
⮚ MKB Electronics Center has a specially designed and technologically advanced CLEAN ROOM, which specializes in Repairs of LED LCD TV Panels / Screens with ACF Bonding Machine. So now none of the customer / manufacturers whose TV Screen or defective Panel has to scrap his/her LED / LCD TV .
⮚ We also provide Ninety days warranty on our repairs done for same product and for same fault. Many customers faces major pain area when their LED / LCD Panel /Screen gets defective and now for every such customer / recycle companies / LED TV Manufactures/ OEM , we are ones who can provide cost saving repair solution.
⮚ MKB Electronics Center also render open cell / panel replacement for all branded / non branded LED/ LCD TV for their broken/ damage LED /LCD TV Screens/ Panels at a much lower cost.
⮚ Give us chance to serve you with best of our services and save our country from ELECTRONIC WASTE by getting your LED/LCD TV repaired instead of scraping it due to high cost of repairs by Brands.